Mike Relm

Our good friend Mike Relm had a great 2007 and we are so grateful that he always includes us whenever he is in town. To witness the progression of his career thus far is a blessing, and I am very anxious to be a part of it in 2008.
He's currently in town, during a break from his BlueMan Group tour, and we went to one of his shows at the Independent to support...


Two thumbs up!!!


Michelle, my best friend who now lives in Hawaii, is in town for a few weeks. It was her birthday Wednesday night (midnight) so we did a few things for nostalgia's sake: Took many'o'shots of hennessey to the face, gambled, and enjoyed Filipino breakfast.

The breakfast of Champions: Tocilog (Marinated sweet pork, over-easy egg, and garlic rice) Lucky Chances Casino in Colma is known for their late night munchies...

Michelle is also an avid gambler and after sitting at the poker table for about 30mins, came back with $200 and paid for our 3am din din. Thanks Michelle!

Pharrell likes GOOOOLD

Pharrell decked out his iPhone with 18k solid gold. The things you do when you're rich...


Where do I score one of these ultra sleek 2 Gig flash cards from Google???


8 in Milano?? Niiiice!

SoCal even showin some love...

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JetBlue to Test Limited In-Flight Internet

(12-06) 17:36 PST NEW YORK, (AP) --

JetBlue Airways Corp. will start offering limited e-mail and instant messaging services for free on one of its planes next week as airlines renew efforts to offer in-flight Internet access.

General Web surfing and e-mail attachments won't be permitted because of bandwidth constraints, and services on laptops and handhelds with Wi-Fi wireless access will be limited to e-mail and messaging from Yahoo Inc.

Passengers can check other personal and work e-mail — but only on two BlackBerry models that have Wi-Fi wireless capabilities, under a deal with BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd.

The JetBlue system is scheduled to make its debut Tuesday on Flight 641 from New York to San Francisco. The aircraft, an Airbus A320, is specially designated "BetaBlue" as it is used to test new entertainment services offered through JetBlue's subsidiary, LiveTV.

JetBlue will be using a wireless spectrum that LiveTV bought from the Federal Communications Commission last year for $7 million. Because Internet access will use Wi-Fi and not cellular signals, the company said, it does not violate federal regulations.

Use of laptops and BlackBerry devices will still be barred during takeoff and landing. And the cellular portion of the permitted BlackBerry devices — the 8820 and the Curve 8320 — must be turned off during the flight.

Glenn Fleishman, editor of the Wi-Fi Networking News site, said he knew of no commercial airline currently offering such services, though many will start debuting them next year.

Some international carriers had started offering in-flight Internet service through Boeing Co., but the aircraft maker decided about a year ago to pull the plug on its Connexion service after it failed to sign on enough airlines.

First announced in April 2000, Connexion suffered a major setback with potential U.S. airlines after the 2001 terrorist attacks triggered an industrywide downturn.

Boeing had deals with major international carriers such as Germany's Lufthansa AG, Japan Airlines Corp., Korean Air Co., and Singapore Airlines, but large U.S. carriers were reluctant to invest in the service.

The Boeing system connected to the Internet via satellites. The JetBlue system will use about 100 ground towers — cheaper to operate, but with less capacity.

Brad Garlinghouse, Yahoo's senior vice president for communications and communities, said the company built special, lightweight versions of its services to work on JetBlue.

Exceprts taken from SF Gate

Blackberry turned iPhone?

Got a Blackberry? Trick it out into an iPhone if you like...

Get it HERE

Great Gift!

Check these wine glasses out. They'd make great Xmas gifts for your wine-o friends or just a great conversation piece at the home.

Find this, and other swell items at Park Life 220 Clement Street, San Francisco.


Not our problem!

Barry Bonds was indicted for perjury and obstruction of justice, charged with lying when he told a federal grand jury that he did not knowingly use performance-enhancing drugs.

MLB officials told ESPN's investigative unit that they think Bonds' career is over and they won't even bother to suspend him. Rains' predictions, Bonds' protestations and public speculation have become meaningless. If Bonds pleads guilty, he probably will go to prison. If he decides to fight, then his freedom will depend on what the government can prove, and what he and Rains can do to convince a jury and a skeptical world of his innocence.

Taken from espn.com

Hova makes the cover again

Jigga makes the cover of Rolling Stone to chat American Gangster, etc.
Read an excerpt HERE

Best Korean BBQ I ever had in my life

Tofu House in San Bruno


November 8, 2007 -- "LION King" audiences at the Minskoff have been sniffing the sweet scent of marijuana. It turns out the pot-head fans of former Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh, who's doing a nine-day stint at the Nokia Theater next door, were lighting up. "The smoke was so thick it was seeping through the wall and into the Disney audience, and they started complaining," a spy at Monday's show told The Post's Bruce Golding. "The ushers are now very vigilant and making sure nobody lights up." A Nokia rep admitted there were complaints. The Minskoff had no comment.

I've seen the Lion King Broadway show, and if that happened to me, I would be quite STOKED!!!!


This guy got owned by the streets of San Francisco


Something looks different at the park...Can you tell what it is?