Lucky for us, myself, Ant-1, & $ir Tipp were able to roll out to Coachella 2007. I really wanna go to this one...
I'm gonna make a bet in Vegas that Amy Winehouse doesn't show up. FUUUUCK in '07 we missed her set....and I've been kicking myself for it ever since.

J-Billion & The Warriors

Our boy Allan, who works with the Golden State Warriors, was gracious enough to help the homies out by pushin' for the W's to film a video for JB's two songs "Touchdown" (Produced by $ir Tipp) and "Hater Blockers" (produced by CeeRock) which is featured at the end of the "Warriors Weekly Wrap Up" show.


Check out some photos Cee was able to capture during the shoot on Wednesday

peep the million dollar billi smile!!!

"Best of the Guy Groups"

I was able to make a cameo at the radio show this week and Ant was on deck to spin so we concocted a mix compiled of guy groups, no not boy bands, but that classic R&B, soul, and 80s. The mix is on point and very well-rounded. In the studio was myself, Rube, Miso, and Enoch, and its a pretty entertaining show so please Check it out!

D/L or stream all the hour-long mixes. Load that shizz up on the ipod or listen at work; makes the time FLY yo!

BB adventures

My bold doesn't take THEE greatest pictures, but its always nice to be able to snap flix when you don't have a real camera handy.


Leave it to a 9 year old to get down the secrets about how to win victory with a girl. How to talk to girls is for boys of all ages to take a lesson from this young love guru who holds the answers to success when dealing with women.

If you're havin a hard time talkin to the ladies, sometimes you just have to revert back to the basics... grade school basics!

Check out young Alec....

Some Tips taken from the book:
Comb your hair and don't wear sweats
Control your hyperness (cut down on the sugar if you have to)
Don't act desperate

Read more about the kid here.

Watch him break it down here:

Buy the book here.


Graham's bike got took... Thats some weak ass shit when fools decide to grab someone else's bike(s); been hearing about alot of stolen bikes as of late. LAME!!! Look out for the homie's wheels, looks like this:


My never-ending battle with the strong goes a little something like this everyday:

Eko coined me his twin back when we would have our weekly Mondays at 222. This was because he noticed I liked to drink Hennessy as much as him and said that if he had a twin sis, she'd be like me. Yesssir Ek, dust off that strong hat and come challenge me... Ha!


I already have folks in NY on a hunt for this to send back to me... why is it only on the East Coast??

If I cop this bottle, I will only display it and let it age, and pass it on to my children...LOL. No forreal.

From Hennessy's official site:

Japanese USB-powered heated lunchbox!!!

I need this in my life!

I can't read Japanese, but check it out here and tell me what it says! Then buy it for me please!

Get it?

hehehe... good one! I want these in my house.

"Just wakin' up in the morning, gotta thank God."

Stayed home Tuesday morning to get a first look at Mr. 44 taking oath.

Finally pulled myself away from the tube, hopped in my car to get to work, and flipped on the radio to listen to the rest of the speech/prayers/poems.

CNN.com live streaming video all day

Front page baby...

"Today was a good day."

HELLZ spotted on new Simmons' daughters MTV reality show "Daddy's Girls"

Alycia, the girls' neighbor, rockin a Hellz Bellz jacket!

Watch the episode here. (snoozefest to me... just caught my eye when I saw the jacket.)


Checked out this new Filipino joint in South City after finding out Toppings was doing some renovations and was closed for the evening. Cee, Ant, Dom, and myself stumbled upon what was the old "House of Sisig" and is now Karilagan. I don't know what that means...

Opened the menu to find all our fave filipino dishes... and peeped the table beside us enjoying Kare Kare. Peanut-butter based oxtail stew? Uhm, don't judge til you've tasted.

Lumpia, Sisig, & Kare Kare it is!

Dessert enjoyed outside

Overall, this is my review:
Kare Kare was ON POINT. Not too thick, perfect consistency, meat falling off the bone, right portions and meat/vegetable/tripe ratio was perfect.
Sizzling sisig: I've had better
Service: Not that great.
Prices: Decent. Our entire meal of Kare Kare, Sisig, Shanghai lumpia, garlic & steamed rice = $44.

I am down to go back to try their lechon kawali, crispy pata, and other specialties.