My Favorite track that DIDN'T make the album
Let's Toast - J-Billion


"They say people in your life are seasons, and anything that happens is for a reason."


Yea this is the Supreme - Fall/Winter 2009 collection but daaaayam HELLO HOTSTUFF!! Whasyoname??

lets cop

f*ck 'em then


Last week, he twitted about throwing out the first pitch at the Mets game in the new CitiField.

Crazy, this afternoon checked my email and saw a flier for a TRVS AM show in SF on Sept 11 and thought, Damn I should go check this out. Never got to see him live, but truly was a DJ wonder via video clips and audio.


10 Best Burgers in SF

An ongoing debate, but at least here's 10 spots to check out to add to the argument.

Check out 7x7's Top 10 burgers HERE

(pictured above is Namu's burger. Looks bangin'!)

I'm hearing Pearl's in SF is a strong competitor. I woulda added Flipper's (Hayes Valley). You tell me???

Nothin lasts forever

"Everything will eventually come to an end
So try to savor the moment, cuz time flies don't it
The beauty of life, you gotta make it last for the better
Cuz nothin' lasts forever...ya knoooow?"

Lost Tapes in my opinion coulda been an album in itself!



Here's a post i wanna start called "THIS REMINDS ME OF..."
They will be images and I will say who or what they remind me of. The "who's" are obviously gonna be my friends...and the what's will probably consist of Krazy events in my life. Lemme know if this is an entertaining post theme!

Here we go... just a start.

This reminds me of Mace cuz she loves tattoos and isn't scared to get inked up all over despite her dreams of corporate career takeover. Thats dope; accept me for me.

This reminds me of Ant & Justin cuz they like Star Wars and football, ALOT.

This reminds me of my sister cuz she loves Audrey Hepburn. She also is always ahead of her time and her style is timeless, just like Audrey.

This reminds me of Ant cuz he likes hoodies, shades, and Star Wars.

This reminds me of Miso because she is anti-social networking yet has facebook and twitter accounts against her will and powered by secret geniuses (lol) Love you Mees!
Oh yea and this "LA" symbol cuz she always does this in photos...

This reminds me of Cee cuz he was the first person I saw with this shirt and I hope one day my crew lives by this.

This reminds me of my brotha Lo cuz he likes everything BLACK and he loves Hennessy. And hes a beast.

This reminds me of my ace Teflon Dom cuz of her ill heel game and mean accessory game, she'll shit on lame attempts at effortless swag; oh yea and she likes leggings too!

This reminds me of Paul and Jenae cuz they like vampires

This reminds me of me and my best friend Michelle because no matter how much time has passed since the last time we spoke, we can always sit down and chat as if we spoke the day before and nothing has changed. She is my sanity and my #1 fan.

This reminds me of JBillion because his next album is going to be called "Hate is the new Love." "Hate: New Love", a track (produced by Sir Tipp) off his album "The Beautiful Loser", is one of my favorite songs.

This reminds me of my friend Kirsi cuz we have been saying this to each other since high school and we still don't know why or where we got it from

This reminds me of being at a hotel, faded, smoking in the hallway, extremely under the influence(s). Love it.

This reminds me of my crew the WILD'N'KRAZY KIDS!! Fuck yea! Lets get it!

more more more to come, i'm sure i'll come up with tons more material.



Andre3000, lets hang out! And talk in accents, and dance to fast fast music, and wear suspenders, etc etc etc!


The Jacka "Glamorous Lifestyle"

Oh can I just tell you when Ant-1 or Ruby Red-I drops this shit, SF gets MANEY!!

Let's have a drink



Saw Young Jeezy in SF Saturday night! Sick!

hi cutie


Turn him on.... Turn him off...


This one's for you Miso



This summer has been dope. I'm tryin to play catchup with all my photos and I'm nowhere near caught up... but here's a short version of some of the summer's debauchery and other random shots.