This would make for a great date!

Hydromassage Whirlpool Bathtub with 17in. LCD screen.
Tub fits 2!

About the Cosmo (B-DV003)

Dimensions: 1900mm × 850mm × 680mm
Number of Jets: 7 big jets, 9 bubble jets, 6 back jets
After much interest in our 2 person hydromassage TV bathtub, Di Vapor now provide this single person luxury TV bath that will make you the envy of all your friends! The unit enjoys adjustable air and water massage jets along with a 17 inch touch-sensitive LCD TV with video input meaning you can watch anything from a DVD to Sky or cable while soaking away stress and aches in the comfort of your own home.

Purchase one here!
(It's in stock and delivers in 2-5 days! Ha!)


Right on Danielson for the breaking news this morning!! I'm getting my plane tickets aysap!

Sources: De La Hoya, Pacquiao agree to Dec. 6 fight in Vegas

Oscar De La Hoya, boxing's biggest star, will announce Thursday that he will meet pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao on Dec. 6, two sources close to the fight told

Top Rank's Bob Arum, whose company promotes Pacquiao, would not confirm a deal was in place for what would be the year's biggest fight, but he did tell that De La Hoya would host a media teleconference at 2 p.m. ET on Thursday to announce his opponent.

"We'll know who is he is fighting tomorrow," Arum said Wednesday from Youngstown, Ohio, where he was attending a promotional event for the Kelly Pavlik-Bernard Hopkins fight that he is co-promoting with De La Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions. "I made a commitment that I wouldn't say anything and that tomorrow there would be an announcement. I'm not allowed to make any comments. Everything will be clear on Thursday."

Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer would not confirm the deal, either, but sounded positive when asked about it.

"Last week the deal was 90 percent dead, but we were able to revive it. The fact that it has been so quiet is a good sign," Schaefer said from Mexico, where he was traveling on business with De La Hoya. "It's been a lot of back and forth and skillful negotiating and to try to get each side to soften their stance. If the fight was Arum vs. Schaefer, it would have been made awhile ago."

Schaefer dismissed reports this week that welterweight titleholder Paul Williams was under serious consideration to meet De La Hoya. Schaefer said that although Williams' name was thrown out during an internal meeting, it was quickly dismissed, and no contact was ever made between the De La Hoya and Williams camps. Williams promoter Dan Goossen confirmed that as well.

De La Hoya (39-5, 30 KOs), who has repeatedly said the December fight would be the last bout of his storied career in which he's won world titles in six weight divisions, has been in talks with Pacquiao (47-3-2, 35 KOs) for weeks. But negotiations got bogged down when the sides could not come to an agreement on how to split the revenue, which is expected to exceed more than $100 million.

De La Hoya stood firm for weeks on a 70-30 split in his favor; Pacquiao was demanding a 40 percent slice of the pie.

The rest of the major issues, from the maximum weight to the size of the gloves, were agreed upon, with Pacquiao getting his way on a 147-pound weight limit and 8-ounce gloves.

The percentage split that De La Hoya and Pacquiao have apparently agreed to is unclear.

Freddie Roach, Pacquiao's trainer and one of De La Hoya's former trainers, has been an outspoken advocate of the fight, going so far as to say he would train Pacquiao for free because he was so confident he would win.

Roach told on Wednesday that Pacquiao, whom he hadn't spoken to much recently, left him two voice mails about 7 a.m. ET.

"He left me the messages and at the end of one of them, he said, 'Thanks for all your help.' I read that as the fight is done," Roach said.

Pacquiao, a lightweight titleholder who has won belts in five weight classes and is the national icon of the Philippines, would move up to welterweight for the showdown with De La Hoya.

The fight is expected to take place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, where De La Hoya has fought five of his past six bouts and seven of his past 10.

Dan Rafael is's boxing writer.


Good 'ol friend buddy 'ol pal Mike Relm embarks on his tour next month. Amazing to see the progression of his career from the beginning to where it is now. Be sure to catch him at this year's Treasure Island Music Festival, and coming soon to a city near you!

Catchin' up with the Mike Relm crew via ichat as they plan their tour...

Check out his newly renovated site...


A new project on the RI$KY side of things...RI$KYBIZNE$$PRODUCTIONS.COM is up and running. Any MCs/singers/artists who want to RI$KIFY their sound, hit up the site, download the beat catalogs and experience a sound comparable to none!

$ir Tipp, Ruby Red-I, & Cee-Rock are the beat conductas and they provide pure FIYAH for ya ears... download that shizzz now!

Beautiful week in SF


1/16/79 - 8/25/01


You ever misplaced your cell phone and asked someone to call it so you can find it? Well here's a website that allows you to enter in your phone number and it calls your phone! How handy! Check it out: Its called


Yes, Solange. She's Beyonce's little sister, but after a few year hiatus and a baby, she, along with her sound, has matured and is back with a vengeance.

With a soulish, motown-sounding swag, Solange re-enters the scene as Sol-Angel with The Hadley St. Dreams.

My favorite tracks include "ChampagneChroniknightcap," a sassy song about not wanting to go out but just wanting to blaze and drink at the crib on the late night. A song called "T.O.N.Y.", (superbly written by the talented Solange of course) tells the tale of a failed booty call she's hung up on, and the name Tony ain't homeboy's name either, its a clever acronym that you can find out what it stands for in the hook. "Sandcastle Disco" is an upbeat track with a sound that not everyone can pull off, but Solange rocks it well. "I Told You So," a soulful joint, is my favorite track on the album. Her sound is refreshing because you hear the Beyonce resemblance, yet less poppy, and her own unique twang takes it to another level.

Overall, the album gets a B+ from me.

Enough of what I think... Take a listen for yourself by downloading it here.

Rock The Bells SF

Well it wasn't really in SF...more like Mtn View.
Other than Ghost & Raekwon calling us LA like 3 times, the show was great.

And Nas wasn't even that faded, remembering all his rhymes!!

Aside from a couple lyrical blunders and DJ miscues, Tribe killed it too.


The Game's Letter To The King feat. Nas (produced by Hi-Tek) is the bizness!

Download here.


Check out this Japanese site that takes your photos and transforms them into instant vintage shots!!!

The site is called Wanokoto and you can check it out here.

Its in Japanese but I'm sure you can figure it out...



Ummm.... is that a tow truck on top of another tow truck?


Spent my morning/afternoon at the damn DMV.
I was # G183.

After an hour and a half, the screen looked like this:

Yup, another 21 more to go. That took another hour.

After that slow death, the Krazy Kids possied up to the radio station. Tuesday's show was special because it was the 1 Year Anniversary of KRAZY KIDS RADIO.
Big up to Ben Frost & the YouthRadio fam! And to the loyal listeners!

The show featured 3 djs: Ruby Red-I, $ir Tipp, then Ant-One.
The mix should be up soon and let me tell you that its 2 hours of pure mayhem. All upbeat and high energy sounds for the whole show, so get yo workout on to the sounds of Krazy Kids Radio!


David Banner at our second home, 222.
How sick is that!

Check it HERE.