Friday is "Hella Douche" a douchebag themed party at 111 Minna SF. Get your Ed Hardy on! LOL

Then Saturday...halloween night, we're havin a houseparty at The Kastle!

Its common...



Here's some shots I took in the PI that came out pretty dope

Note to self...

C-Breezy vs. Perez Hilton

I was on twitter and was entertained by a late night Chris Brown tweet.

He always inconspicuously tweets about Rihanna, but this time I was actually kinda curious as to what the link was...

Pfffff!!!! Then the tweet right after, he says

Apparently it sparked some kind of reaction, of course Perez Hilton had to say something

I love when celebs control their own twitter accounts. I mean I'm sure there have been moments when their management, record labels, or PR folks have had them delete certain things; but I hope and pray twitter is able to keep its essence and allow people to say what they feel (given its PC limits).

Now C-Breezy knows better... I'm sure he was just tryna get to RiRi tho...

Dope towel!!



KILLA-LIPSTICK.COM just launched.

Click here, bookmark it, and check back soon for some visual goodies...


Ok I'm going to break up my trip photos in a few categories.
These photos are funny and questionable things I found in the PI!

Pizza for Men huh? Okaaay... "Meating-Meat for DA BOYS" LOL

This is Classic!! "Thug Life Bar?!"

"Thank you for malling" LOL

Spam with cheese?!

You're gonna name your store what? And what will you sell in it??

Oh this was just too easy...

"Somethin Piggy, Sometimes Fishy..." Huh?!

I'm a...

but at least I'm happy.



October 21, 2009


Doors @ 7:00 PM

@ The Regency Ballroom

1300 Van Ness Avenue San Francisco, CA 94109


PLEASE NOTE: This show is first come, first served.
So get there early and stay in line.

Doin It Over...

Gonna dig back in the archives and play catchup...
Flix from a recent LA trip and a Wild'N'Krazy takeover at LA's infamous sunday afternoon shindig the "Do-Over."

Me n Mace enjoying inhumane amounts of sangria

Ahh look who we find blessin the decks all the way from hometown SF... Sake!

And this right here is just to tease you... On the left that is a lobster taco from Sky's! foodgasm.


Balloon Boy!

I was watchin this LIVE today. Come to find out boy wasn't in the balloon when it landed. Uh Oh...

Hope this isn'treal...

**UPDATED** What a hoax. Boy is fine and was hiding in the attic. That pic is not him falling out.

Kid's name is Falcon and has got "mad scientist" type parents.

The only mad scientist parents I like is...

Third Thursdays at SWIG!

You already know!

$5 Jameson $3 Tecate Free Absolut Cocktail tasting NO COVER!

Get over heeeeeere!!!

I've been a bad blogger lately!

Here's some random shit to hold you over til I upload & blog my PI trip!