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Posting will be slow the rest of the week cuz imma be in...

Have a mean Halloween, be safe, and catch ya'll next wizeek...

Smile, its good for you

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”

Here are a few of my friends' smiles who make me smile...
Random (and cheezy?) post but makes alot of sense in my life. :)

I noticed that people are so caught up trying to look cool or abstract in photos these days that the art of the smile is lost... Here are some of my favorite smiles.

This post made me happy and want to see my friends more :)

What the?!


Font Clock - Model 1

The Font Clock from Established & Sons. Designed by Sebastian Wrong, a 21st century take on the British 24 hour clock design icon. Twelve different fonts are printed within the mechanism of the clock providing a random display of graphic language within a single timepiece. 11" x 6.5"

Font Clock - Model 2


17" x 12"

Made in England

Purchase from Eden & Edan HERE.


Manage your email AND social networking messages from one inbox with FUSER.

Finding it a huge headache to keep track of all of your mail from your email accounts and social networking sites? Then you've got to give Fuser a whirl. Fuser will actually organize all of your messages into one handy spot (like Gmail, for example). So say for instance you get a message sent to you on Facebook, it will appear right in your email account like a real email! And once you open it up, you can reply back (within your email) to return the message to your friend's wall or Facebook account. And they'll never know the difference. How great is that?

Hello Lover

Yeezy's got a "Where are You Yeezy" section for the hot b!tches he wants to showcase. Well here's mine of similar fashion:

Meet Kellen Winslow of the Cleveland Browns.



What are you gonna be?

Price is Right family!

Aren't you too old to be Dora the Explorer?

Baby Anchorman Ron Burgandy!

Captain Morgan!

Guinness Baby!

Girls Gone Wild

Duff Man!

Jem and the Holograms!!!!


Baby Nacho!

Marge and Homer

Low Blow... literally! jk..

Babytime! Nice teamwork on the group costume!

This guy really pulled off Borat! Very Nyyyeece!