If you come out this weekend...

So if you come out this weekend, we will drink

We can preparty if you like

We can roll one...

And blow one or two

And we will DANCE

And maybe we will dance like Lady GaGa

We will laugh

We'll take shots at the bar

These guys will be there

We can make funny faces in photos

Its probably gonna look like this

Its this muffin's bday. Get her drunk

We can fight if you want

So this is tha haps for Friday & Saturday:
Friday night at 111 Minna, SF

Saturday night at Straits

Be there or your weekend is automatically WACK!


...with a few kids missing, but you get the idea.

Barry of "The Healthy Hustle" got a feature on Tha Kids, particularly Krazy Kids Radio, in the works. Look out for it and be sure to check out his blog DESIGN REHAB. Shit is CLEEEAN.

Thanks for the support Barry and props on the ill photos.

Weekend Update

Friday night we hit John Collins to celebrate J.Boo's bday. That night was kinda a blur and I didn't take pix cuz I prolly got too faded.

Saturday Rube DJed at 330 Ritch with Apollo. 9-12am Rube had shit JUMPIN....


This dude was ON ONE. Giggin a little too hard on stage rockin the DJ booth and errrthang. Like Chapelle as Dylan says, "Ya too close Mon!"


Rube played THE HITS!!!

Best songs of the night (according to the crowd): Lady Gaga Just Dance, T.I. What You Know, and Blame it on the a-a-a-a-alcohol

Hit Butterfly after to say whattap to the homies. Shit was crackin there too.

I was also able to catch up on some movies this weekend. I watched Notorious and I was ok for about 40 mins, then it suddenly took a turn for the worst and completely nosedived from then on. Watch it, and you'll see what I mean. Corny and phoney parts turned me off, but hey, Its a Hollywood Motion Picture n thats how its gotta be.

Gotta get my liver ready for this coming week....BIG SHIT POPPIN and little shit stoppin.


testing out this new app on my phone...


Made of 100% recycled paper and soy based inks, form meets function when several U.S cities are broken down into their distinct neighborhoods to make for some pretty sweet wall art.


8” x 18”
Green ink
Tan 100% recy'd paper
from French Paper Co. (Cement Grn)

Signed by the designer (on the back).

All prints pass through Ork's quality control, but screen prints may have minor imperfections.

Cop yours here.

Why didn't I think of that?

Nice business card concept...


I haven't been much of a Justin Timberlake fun as of late, partly due to the fact that I don't agree with his current mate of choice, but this kinda just saved it...

Here he is doin his thug thizzle in the March issue of GQ... go 'head boy... damn.


DSi coming April 5th

The new Nintendo DSi comes out April 5th, and isn't going to cost you an arm and a leg as predicted. The damage will run you $170, but the amenities are plentiful! There are two cameras, one on the outside, and one facing the user; a voice recorder, and music player, and it has an SD slot. Ala Macs, there's a "photobooth"-like program that allows photo manipulation we have all grown to love and laugh at.

I can't wait! Maybe I can trade mine in and upgrade!

I know this bitch wants an upgrade too!

Funny thing is, Nintendo DS is like a girl's PSP. Everyone's got one too, even people you wouldn't expect!

Hey Miso, remember our 222 DS party days?



Ice Cream Paint Job - Dorrough Music - Various Artists

"Cream own da eensahd...klean own da outsahd...!!!"

Lykke Li is a beast

She crushed the Fillmore Sunday night and performed in front of a good 'ole Sold Out San Francisco crowd. She did her entire album Youth Novels and even threw in a lil Weezy with a Milli cover and then went into her infamous "Can I Kick It?" Tribe cover a little later. This b*tch has got great stage presence and a sexy voice to go with it. See you at Coachella you sexy beast!

I didn't have the greatest photos or photo opps at that, but the memories stay in my mind's musuem!!

Thanks TOM for this footage from the show:

LYKKE LI @ The Fillmore (SF) 2.15.09 from tomroche.blogspot.com on Vimeo.