Just like back in the day...

Lakers vs. Celtics in the NBA Finals. Nostalgic!



I told many of ya'll its gonna take an act of God to help me pass this Finance class. I'm not too sure if you know, but Finance boasts only a 30% passing rate...meaning that 70% of people who take it the first time FAIL.

Well I took Finance this semester (for the first time) with this (horrible) teacher, who quizzed us every week, and took your top 5 quizzes, midterm, and final to make your final grade. So the real reason why I took his class, knowing he was a bad teacher, is because he doesn't assign or grade homework. If you know me, you'll know that I DON'T do homework; just not my thang.

My homie hits me up the other day saying we passed... I didn't believe it.

So here is the proof:Photobucket

C+ liiiike whaaaat!!! Yo....good enough for me!! All I needed was a C- to pass!
I am so STOLKED I don't have to deal with another Finance class!! Hell yeah!

Here's a clip from Graduation that'll show you how I got through college...


Spike Lee Doing Michael Jordan Documentary

Spike Lee announced at Cannes on Monday (May 20) that he is directing a feature-length documentary about basketball superstar Michael Jordan, which he hopes to bring to next year's Cannes Festival. The project will feature previously-unseen footage shot by NBA cameras during the final two years in Jordan's career, the 2001-02 and 2002-03 seasons. Lee and Jordan previously worked together on a series of Nike TV commercials. Lee spoke to a Cannes crowd while showing an eight-minute preview of his upcoming WWII movie, Miracle at St. Anna, about four black soldiers in the U.S. Army's 92nd Division who in 1944 were trapped in a Tuscan village and had to struggle with Nazis as well as their own racist commanders. Based the book by James McBride, Miracle will wrap shooting in July and be released in the U.S. on Oct. 10. (Variety)

Wow... this is gonna be a good one.


I was on the jumbotron...!!! He took a shot of my cap. I'll show you a pic of that once I get it... my cap was dope.

SF mayor Gavin Newsom aka "Bruce Wayne" spoke at the ceremony

more pix to come...

Look how faded I look already...


Ashlee & Pete tie the knot...

...but look at Jessica grinding on Tony




I think I'm ready for it...

I'll take the plunge this summer. Gotta step my BIZNE$$ Game up...

More info on the new bb here.



FOR $IR TIPP'S summertime feelgood mix

Track listing:
1. The Alchemist "Back In The Day" (Instrumental)
2. Xscape "Just Kickin' It"
3. D'Angelo "Cruisin'"
4. Al Green "I'm So Glad You're Mine"
5. Ahmad "Back In The Day (Remix)"
6. Lucy Pearl "Everyday"
7. Valerie Simpson "Silly Wasn't I"
8. The Dramatics "Oceans of Thoughts & Dreams"
9. Nancy Wilson "I'm In Love"
10. Common "Come Close (feat. Mary J. Blige)"
11. Davina "So Good (Remix) (feat. Raekwon)"
12. Cypress Hill "I Wanna Get High"
13. Outkast "Elevators (Me & You)"
14. Camp Lo "Coolie High"
15. Ice Cube "It Was A Good Day"
16. 213 "Another Summer (feat. LaToiya Williams)"
17. Luniz "Playa Hata"
18. Jay-Z "Allure (Just Blaze Remix)"
19. The Pharcyde "Passin' Me By"
20. Geto Boys "Gangsta (Put Me Down)"
21. Fabolous "Trade It All (feat. Jagged Edge)" (Instrumental)
22. Soul 4 Real "So In Love With You"
23. Blackstreet "Happy Song (Tonite)"
24. Chrisette Michele "Let's Rock"
25. Erykah Badu "Back In The Day (Puff)"
26. Keni Burke "Keep Rising To The Top"
27. Juicy "Sugar Free"
28. Bobby Valentino "Slow Down"
29. Mos Def "Summertime"
30. Junior M.A.F.I.A. "I Need You Tonight"
31. Nas "War (feat. Keon Bryce)"
32. Camp Lo "Sparkle"
33. Bush Babees "The Love Song (feat. Mos Def)"
34. Deodato "San Juan Sunset"
35. Lupe Fiasco "Paris, Tokyo"
36. Q-Tip "Let's Ride"
37. Jomanda "I Like It"
38. Nas "Can't Forget About You (feat. Chrisette Michele)" (Instrumental)
39. Mary Jane Girls "All Night Long"
40. Little River Band "Reminiscing"
41. Janet Jackson "That's the Way Love Goes"
42. A Tribe Called Quest "Electric Relaxation"
43. Midnight Star "Curious"
44. Dove Shack "Summertime In The LBC"

Wow, Canada's feelin us!

Big UPS to the KKR crew! 3,000 subscribers strong and growing!

We started the podcast last July and never thought we would have this much support and listeners as we do. Thanks for listening, loving, and supporting!!! Here's to another summer of good music!


Some shots from the past weekend in the City of Angels...

Shmokin' a bleez at Rogue Status

$ir Tipp & Eko watchin the Laker game

Celebrating their big 2-5... Kirs & Ant

Our Saturday mornings in LA begin with Roscoe's!

Check out who was at the Crooks store...

The chef himself...Raekwon!

Stalkerazzi chasin Lindsay Lohan...