Happy Bday Jess!

This is for you "Yoshi"

J-Billion "Number 8" video

Enjoy the new video by the boy J-Billion

J Billion - Number 8 Music Video from Jordan Anonuevo on Vimeo.

Big Ups to Jordan for shooting directing and editing!


Been in both positions... but i'd def rather be holding hair & champagne glass than worshiping the porcelain gods!


Peep the recap of FTC's FOR THE CASH contest!

FTC "For the Ca$h" 2010 Invitational Contest from Mecky Creus on Vimeo.

"Shut it Down"

Dope song, but even doper when SIR TIPP remixed it.

(If you can't see the player above, DOWNLOAD song here)

Drake & The Dream's song is dope...its about writing a song for a bad ass chick to get ready to and lettin her know how sexy she is, but not being overbearing and talkin bout how he gon take her home; nope, just wanna let oh girl know how BAD she is, thats it. She shuts shit down. Dope. Need more songs for the ladies like this!

"...heard that you’re a student working weekends in the city
trying to take you out girl, hope you're not too busy
and if there’s nothing wrong, got this little song
for you to get ready to
put those fucking heels on and work it girl
let that mirror show you what you’re doing
put that fucking dress on and work it kind of vicious
like somebody’s taking pictures

shut it down down down
you would shut it down down down
you’d be the baddest girl around round round
and they notice they notice
you would shut it down down down
you’d be the baddest girl around round round
and they notice they notice
you would shut it, hey
these girls ain’t got nothing on you nothing on you"


'Nothing "SHORT" of Greatness'

SHORTKUT of the world famous Beat Junkies & Triple Threat crew will be blessing the decks Monday at our weekly at Beauty Bar. Expect the unexpected!!

Beauty Bar SF
2299 Mission @ 19th

Window Seat - Erykah Badu

On repeat for me at the moment. This song is my shit... everything about it.

Peep the revolutionary video.
Look what she also says about it...1 take! So dope...

"So, in my mind i’m tusslin’ back and forth between here and hustlin’...I don’t wanna time travel no more, I wanna be here... I’m thinkin..."

btw: the new album is great, highly advise copping & listening asap!

she then tweeted today, sun 3/28


Roscoe chillin' at the dog "pawty"


Sorry for the delayed post.
Here's a recap of Team Billion's trip to AZ last month

Got to hit up Scottsdale stadium and catch a Giants spring training game.

WTH were these dodger fans doing at Giants spring training?? Being jerks.

Performing at Blunt Club

High Point is the nicest shop I've seen in a long time

Thanx to Sean, Slim, & B for making our trip so much fun! We'll be back!



Need this beanie. GIMMEE!!

Come Back please!

My fave duo

Oh Damn

"The Legging Boot"

Haha thats craze

Its my favorite

“Doom nominated for the best rolled L’s, and they wonder how he dealt with stress so well.”

America's Most Blunted


Tomorrow we kick off our new & improved MONDAY weekly at Beauty Bar in the Mission! (Mission @ 19th SF) Come join us as we toast to our new home, get down to the Wild'N'Krazy tunes, take Photobooth flix, guzzle loads of alcohol for cheap, and dance the Monday blues away! Never a cover. 21+. Be there!


"A Best Friend is a friend who definitely brings out the BEST in you."


Dame Dash you're an idiot for letting this one get away.


hot overload



"If you're going to be two-faced, at least make one of them pretty." -Marilyn Monroe

Creative advertising at its best

Love this stuff


They don't make em this fly no more...

Pac was pretty much the entire package

"Feelin so distant from everyone I've known. To make everybody happy I think I would need a clone..."

Oldie but goodie.
THE CALM by Drake is a heavy song, and you cannot hate on his songwriting ability..

"Where did we go wrong, where do we belong?
Caught up in the game and it's one I can't postpone.
Meaning if it rains I'm the one it's raining on..."

"With my own set of problems that be sittin' on my brain
Yea, And see this is the thang
What they viewing as braggin' is the way that I maintain
The shit I write while staring out the window of a plane
Is the single handed reason I Remain..."

aint even gonna lie...DIGGY SIMMONS is dope

Diggy - Made you look Freestyle (Flow Stoopid) from Diggy Simmons on Vimeo.

3 course meal

Appetizers: mini grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup dip

Main course: IN N OUT

Dessert: hamburger cupcakes


These boys musta done 500 push ups each, round robin style in the telly in AZ. It was definitely an "LMAO" moment.


Lil Man ova here stylin on you...

SFStation features DJ Ant-1

Sorry for the delayed post, but here's SF Station covering hometown hero DJ ANT-1


I won't be here but the crew will be holding it down at AZUL.
Eugene Hood is the bday boy and his request is an hour long GUCCI MANE set...
Wish granted my man!

FTC's FOR THE CASH contest

Unheard of....
FTC cleared the entire store and had a ramp built inside to hold a best trick contest with $5k cash as 1st prize.

It was a historic event and we've never seen anything like it!

It was so epic it got covered by ESPN. Peep the feature here.

For more photos & coverage, hit the FTC Blog or twitter.

Glad to be part of the FTC fam :)

Nice grill

Drake has perfect teeth

Store name FAIL.

No proper spacing between words FAIL.
Everything about this is a FAIL.

20 Things That Happen in 1 Minute

Click the image to enlarge


See you Thurs AZ!