Dope business cards!!

And its a yoga spot

Cool comforter!

Cool Kids

Cool kids usually have cool parents!


SUPPORT LOCAL TALENT!! Erk The Jerk's video for "RIGHT HERE"

Very impressed with the work in this video. The way Taj explains it below makes perfect sense. No obvious landmarks or well-known scenery, yet a true San Franciscan can tell where these spots are. Great video and still love the song. Take a look...


I wanted to shoot a video for Erk that would showcase sensuality and the cosmetics of the Bay Area without landmarks. I wanted it to speak to who Erk was specifically while mirroring the actual music itself. I hope you enjoy it. I love my city. I hope it shows.

God is good.


Learn to use an apostrophe!

For the spelling-impaired... pls. take a look and learn before you twitter/blog/email/text/etc.!!

And its in comic form so it will also be mildly entertaining yet educational!

Learn a thang or two here!

Beef in the streets

I drastically cut down on my red meat intake because my Mom made a comment saying that beef never fully leaves your system and leaves deadly toxins in your body. After some research, red meat is not all that bad for you. But you decide...

Here are 2 things to read that lobby for each side.

7 Reasons TO eat beef you aren't aware of

10 reason to NOT eat beef

Im an idiot who hasn't quit smoking so before I begin changing my diet, I NEED to do away with the cancer sticks. UGHHHHHH!

Beyonce taking "a break"

Beyonce says during her break:

1. She is not stepping into the studio and will stay away from her shoots and recordings.

2. She would eat out a lot and would be visiting lots and lots of restaurants.

3. She is also eager to take up a few classes (maybe cooking or French-learning)

4. She is also keen to head into theatres and watch lots of movies

5. She, even, is desirous of making a dash to the Broadway theatres and witness some plays

6. And finally, she quips, she’d be doing a lot of random things (of which neither she nor we have any idea, at present)

keep it steezy

look at how cute the kids are!

LOVE LOVE LOVE creative advertising/mktg

definitely thinking outside the box.
the reason I fell in love with advertising...i live for this type of shit.

Inspiration in places you least expect

This was on the door of the bathroom stall at the airport in the Philippines.
How dope is that.

Random Funnies

Michael Cera you're such a good sport!

Drizzy's yearbook picture... Pfffffff!!!

LOL, Look at the reason why he got detention.

oh the IRONY!

Monday 1/11: Farewell Eugene!


Robin Thicke "Sex Therapy" video

This album is yummm....


with that said...

i want to get a new tat

i'd like some new ink heading into this new year...

and no, i'm not getting this lol

are you serious...

That is disturbing


Dope ass video