Friday February 26th

❧ "The ROARING 25" ❧
A Great Gatsby affair

Speakeasy juice joint
2801 Leavenworth between Beach & Jefferson
Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco

Grit and Glam Sounds by Dapper DJs

Joining us from LA is Pac Div's official DJ & Hollywood resident DJ
✦ Mr. Sean G (Pac Div / LA) ✦

Also joining us from LA (by way of the Bay) & always an SF Favorite (& Dom Kennedy's official DJ)
✦ Mr. Drewbyrd (D2S) ✦

And Local Hometown Hero
✦ Mr. Ant-1 (WNKK | RBC) ✦

Toast Master Fran Boogie

Celebrating the birthday of KL's Dominique the Dame
...and Nate & Kristine

21+ 9pm-2am
Get-up: Gentlemen & Dolls in 1920s Attire suggested
Moonshine Specials All Evening
Giftbag Giveaways

Booth Reservations & Guestlist email:

✯✯ Fellas, get fitted for the event proper! Newsboys, suspenders, ties, vests, bow ties, henleys, etc etc!
The Brooklyn Circus San Francisco is ready to get you fly for the party. Visit them on 1521 Fillmore Street and receive 15% off when you mention the event!
(415) 359-1999

✯✯ Ladies, Flapper dresses, pearls, gloves, cigarette holders, cloches, headbands & hats, finger waves, etc etc!
Visit Bianca Starr in the Mission 3552 20th St
(between San Carlos St & Lexington St) and take advantage of the vintage goodies. Mention the event and get 20% off!
(415) 341-1020

✯✯ Goorin Brothers is offering our guests 15% off their purchase when you mention the event. Take advantage of this discount and get your head gear right! They offer an array of hat choices and you're bound to find a hat or 2, for the event and beyond!

3 SF Goorin Bros. locations:
*North Beach: 1612 Stockton Street (415) 402-0454
*Union Square: 111 Geary Street (415) 362-0036
*Haight: 1446 Haight St. (between Masonic Ave & Ashbury St) (415) 436-9450

San Francisco, get in the spirit and join us for this themed affair and get fly for a night for an era party you've never experienced!
Of course the get-up is suggested, but not required.

Event coverage by some amazing photographers so get your Great Gatsby on and smile for the cameras!

"Now tell me that ain't INSEKURRR"


High there!

Guess who works at a dispensary now!!

Ode to the Kastle... end of an era.

I called "The Kastle" home for 1 year and 9 months. Different paths and callings naturally had us 4 roomies part ways and give up our beloved house on top of the hill, but we will always remember all the amazing times and music made there! My lil broski Paulie boy said when he gets rich, he's buying the Kastle. *crosses fingers* :)

Here's a few shots that I'd like to remember the Kastle by, but this is certainly just a fraction. If you have any pix, pls send em my way!

That million dollar view was so inspiring and beautiful to look at day in and day out! Here's to new beginnings, but never forgetting great memories!

Oh yea, I have a blog.

Whats the point anymore? Who even sees visits or reads this?

This blog has lost its identity and is random as fck! Oh well!


Toy Story 3 Trailer 2 in HD

Trailer Park Movies | MySpace Video


We get it. You're not here to make friends.


7x7's "The 2010 Big Eat SF: 100 Things to Try Before You Die"

I've tried only a handful of whats on this list, and really want to check out more than half! (some I doubt how or why they made the list, but I suppose the people have spoken!) Come on, lets take the CHALLENGE!

Check out the complete list & join the challenge HERE

"Welcome to the second annual Big Eat: a serious melting pot of flavors made up of timeless classics, off-the-beaten-path gems and a few – how shall we put it – experiences. Because restaurants in this town are always on the move, 40 of last year's picks have been replaced with memorable newcomers, as well as some oldies and goodies. There's just one caveat: You only have one year to get San Francisco in your belly. "

Menage a Trois at Ike’s Place

Chicken & Waffles from Little Skillet