Jetted to Vegas after finding out I had a ticket to the fight. This was my third Pacquiao fight, and this was the best. I've now been to a WIN, A LOSS, AND A DRAW.

Touched down in Vegas at about 2pm Saturday

Threee big events were crackin in Vegas over the weekend: The Wrangler Rodeo, The Las Vegas Marathon, and The Dream Match: Oscar DeLaHoya vs. Manny Pacquiao!

All the hoopla in Vegas remained focused on these two though...

New York New York is my favorite hotel in Vegas

Got put up in Mandalay Bay for the weekend... sweet!

Stuntin like mah daddy


The fight was held at MGM

My Dad with Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer... B-B-B-Boss!

Media Room


WELCOME to the madness

Early birds & undercards: look how empty the arena is at this point, and then you'll see what it looks like 2 hrs later...

THE MAIN EVENT & then some in Part 2. Stay Tuned yo...