Thirsty Thursdays

ANT-ONE had a gig for Ubisoft and their Prince of Persia game release party Thursday night. It was held at a spot called Ana Mandara, and this place is freakin nuts. Its a restaurant/bar right next to Ghilardeli Square in SF and apparently owned by Don Johnson.

I inquired about throwing a party here; one of the waiters told me it'll cost me $20-30k. Whoa. Nevermind!

Open Bar!!! (not limited to this menu. Good thing they didn't include Henn in the open bar though, I would have dropped dead.)


Themed party to a tee! Complete with trapeze artists and everything!

Off to the Q-Tip show at Mezz

Sorry, I was obliterated.

Dom is a pussy and passes her drinks to me

...and likes pink underwear on her face

New Yoke meets Oakland